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Nereza Ahern was born on January 21 in an unknown location to an unknown father and Mórrígan, the phantom queen from Irish mythology. Due to her mother, Nereza is a demigod of sorts. She was raised by her mother until she was 14 years old. Her mother dropped her off in the streets of Chicago where she was found and put into foster care.

Arcane SixEdit

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Since Nereza is a demigod then her powers that she has inherited are limited. Her only known powers are dark bow construction and flight.

Dark bow construction is the ability to create bows and arrows from the darkness around the person.

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Nereza is described to have brown hair with violet eyes and white skin. She is taller than the average woman by being 5'7".



Mórrígan Edit

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Mórrígan is Nereza's mother.

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Irma IansEdit

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Nereza has run into Irma before when they had both been in foster care together.

Taima WakanEdit

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Niah KiusEdit

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Tristan DuarteEdit

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  • This character was created by Leydi Morfa on January 21, 2016.